Investing in talent

Expanding knowledge and strengthening the TEAM

We are very pleased with our new colleague Martin Koster (Solutions Architect). With this expert we can increase our knowledge, strengthen the TEAM, and further develop our organization. We are excited that Martin has become part of our journey, where we continuously learn from each other, grow together, and strive for the best result. Both individually and as a TEAM.

Martin is a Solution Architect with extensive experience in managed IT solutions. Like no other he can translate business requirements into scalable, stable and secure IT solutions for business-critical processes. In addition, in recent years he has further developed specific security solutions for various organizations. Specific knowledge and experience that we are happy to add to our team and our customers.

Other talents that we are already looking forward to are Martin’s BBQ skills. With the first rays of sunshine in the coming spring, we would like to invite you to experience this for yourself while enjoying a snack and a drink. We are looking forward to welcome all of our customers and partners, but you will undoubtedly meet Martin sooner.

With Martin, we invest in the future. In the future of our clients and in the future of Databalance. As one team, we work on increasing knowledge, experience and growth. We look forward to Martin’s contribution and impact.


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