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We believe one plus one makes at least three

We provide ample opportunity for personal development. Because growth and evolution are essential to progression. At the personal, team and organisational levels. After all, the growth of a team or an organisation depends on the individual and collective development of the people within it. We learn from each other and with each other, so that the whole is always more than the sum of its parts. Which is why we say that one plus one has to make at least three.

Open culture

Databalance has an open culture, where everyone can contribute. We’re open to each other’s views, and we challenge each other on a substantive basis. Not a hierarchical basis. Every member of a team has their own tasks and responsibilities. And the sum of all the team members’ tasks and responsibilities ultimately defines the customer’s experience. Just as a celebrated chef’s ability to surprise, amaze and entertain diners depends on everyone working in the kitchen.

Shared core values

For productive, enjoyable teamwork, it’s important to know what you can expect from one another. That’s not so much a question of rules as a question of culture, the way that team members all accept responsibility and exchange feedback. We therefore favour an informal, open style of teamwork, based on shared core values, such as ‘speak up’, ‘share the load’ and ‘you touch it, you own it’. That approach and philosophy makes for a strong team, where there’s room for everyone, on the basis of quality, content and expertise.

Our Core Values


We strive to excel in all we do. That means always asking ourselves and each other whether things can be improved. And it results in high standards in all that we do. For ourselves and for our customers.

'Share the load'

At Databalance, tasks and activities are shared. We're a team, and all the results and success we achieve are achieved by helping each other. That means always asking others if we can help, and saying in good time if a task can't be accomplished.

'Speak up'

Everyone, regardless of their role, job title or responsibilities, should be willing and able to speak up. From both a personal perspective and a team perspective, speaking up is essential for effective observation and ensuring that nothing is taken for granted.

Investing in talent

When it comes to finding new team members, our culture and shared core values take centre stage. We’re much more interested in what motivates a person than in what’s on their CV. Motivation is what drives forward individuals, the team and thus the organisation. It’s the lifeblood of development and growth. Training and acquired knowledge do matter, of course, but they can’t realise goals without motivation. We want our teams to be balanced, made up of people with complementary professional and personal qualities.

Secure and trust-based

We offer a secure, trust-based environment, where the culture encourages open dialogue and the exchange of feedback. Because individuals and organisations learn most from direct, honest and constructive feedback. Experience has taught us that working on that basis is good not only for our organisation, but also for our customers, partners and suppliers.

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Danielle Leemans, CFO bij Databalance Services BV
Danielle Leemans
Nordi Malih, CEO bij Databalance Services BV
Nordi Malih
Sebastiaan Bakker
Security Officer
Ben Velders
Solution Architect
Want to be part of our team?
Get in touch with Nordi Malih,
Nordi Malih, CEO bij Databalance Services BV
Want to be part of our team?
Get in touch with Nordi Malih,
Nordi Malih, CEO bij Databalance Services BV
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