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Scandia Gear's digital transition

Highlights of the collaboration:

Founded in 1974, Scandia Gear is a leading family business specialising in high-quality protective clothing for the maritime and industrial sectors. With almost 50 years of experience, the company has developed from Spijkenisse into a contender in the global market of safety clothing, with offices in Singapore, Dubai and Houston. As a result of a strong devotion to quality, Scandia Gear has built up an impressive range of fire-resistant clothing, lifejackets and other safety equipment. By continuously focusing on needs and continuously innovating, Scandia Gear is a formidable and an essential player in the world of safety clothing.

Customer perspective Pim van Kleeff - Manager of IT Scandia Gear

First step in digital transition

“For continuous development and innovation, an IT environment needs to move with the organisation. Otherwise, you can’t be in business for 50 years. It is innovating thanks to our IT, rather than in spite of our IT. Because (IT) developments are moving faster and faster, we were looking for a strategic knowledge partner who could complement our team to take the first steps in the digital transition towards the cloud.”

Flexibility across all time zones

“With offices in different time zones and Spijkenisse as a central hub, the pressure on the availability of local systems increased. By moving to Databalance’s VCD and backup platform, we were able to take two important steps: first, we can guarantee availability (high availability) to all offices and time zones. And secondly, we can scale and connect new offices much more flexibly and easily.”

Open and transparent collaboration

“An important condition for joint success is an open, transparent and honest way of working together. Everyone has a speciality, and by learning from each other and looking together openly for the best opportunities, you take each other forward. Together, you form one team, where everyone has knowledge, skills and quality of their own. In 2024, it is impossible to build up all the knowledge yourself. By working together in a clever way, you can complement each other.”

Scalable VCD platform

The strength of a VCD cloud environment is the ability to actually collaborate within an IT environment. From Databalance, a controlled VCD environment is set up and maintained taking into account the business requirements, compliance and security of, in this case, Scandia Gear. In this environment the Scandia Gear management team can scale up and down additional resources as they see fit. Ultimately, they have the best view of the daily business and resource requirements. This ensures freedom and flexibility in terms of functions and finances. Scaling up and down of both the VCD and backup platform is ‘pay as you go’.

“The VCD cloud environment and backup have the flexibility needed to scale up and down but also the security needed for continuity, compliance and security. The best of both worlds really.” – Pim van Kleeff, Manager IT Scandia Gear

A clear project approach

A migration – big or small – requires strict management, a clear approach and concrete deliverables. For migrations, Databalance always works with a specific project manager who monitors decisions, progress and the process. This allows a lot to be achieved in a very short time without downtime or impact on the business. The biggest possible compliment is that Scandia Gear is considering applying certain elements of project management in its own projects. That is the power of collaboration and learning from each other!

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