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Service continuity and quality

Highlights of the collaboration:

For more than seventy years, PinkRoccade Local Government has been a fixture in the municipal landscape of the Netherlands. PinkRoccade is a key partner for both local governments and civilians. Increasingly, people expect public services to be user-centred. And PinkRoccade helps local governments deliver such services by providing innovative solutions, apps and digital platforms. In the future, almost all municipal services will be accessed digitally, with face-to-face contact very much the exception.

Customer perspective Tjerk Venrooy - Director of Public Affairs

Continuous quality improvement

“We specialise in software for municipal governments. So our operational continuity determines the continuity of local government services. We therefore place great emphasis on maximising both the quality and the security of our services and systems. Our ability to do that depends to no small extent on collaboration with a specialist partner: Databalance. They have the people, expertise and resources to help us guide our local government customers through the digital transition.”

Personal contact at every level

“For us, agility at every level is very important. We want to be able to resolve problems before our customers even notice them. We have direct lines of communication with Databalance, and governance at all levels. We know the people and the faces. From the helpdesk to the boardroom. In that respect, Databalance is unlike other companies; it’s easy to get hold of people there, and we have a lot of personal contact.”

Impact and stability

“Our responsibilities include managing the Personal Records Databases of 172 municipal authorities. We therefore have 7.4 million people’s personal details on our systems. So the availability and security of those systems clearly have far-reaching implications. Having the ability to build confidently on the stability of Databalance’s managed infrastructure is very reassuring. Their uptime of 99.99% is extremely good.”

Knowledge-sharing and dialogue

Collaboration between PinkRoccade and Databalance goes beyond a managed infrastructure and good governance, however. There is dialogue outside the monthly meetings, and continuous exchange of ideas about security, privacy and compliance. Interaction and knowledge-sharing lead to a deep contextual understanding and a shared drive to keep raising standards and improving service quality. Continuous quality improvement is more than a phrase in a service level agreement: it’s a substantive feature of the relationships and the associated leveraging of knowledge.

“We recently held a joint knowledge session at our offices, where people from our two organisations shared insights and bounced around ideas on how to realise improvements. It was a really useful exercise for both PinkRoccade and Databalance.” – Tjerk Venrooy, Director of Public Affairs

Wider collaboration

This year, PinkRoccade decided to broaden its successful partnership with Databalance. Both PinkRoccade’s customer systems and the company’s own systems and development environment are now hosted by Databalance. Tjerk Venrooy says: “We work with over 300 FTE from Den Bosch and our own systems are also mission-critical. If you do this yourself on-premises, you are simply too vulnerable in case of power outages, for example. Moreover, developments in terms of cloud, technology and security are moving so fast that it is smarter to invest this in a partnership. Databalance has the knowledge and resources, eliminating the need for us to invest in this ourselves. Bottom line, this is also a lot more economically interesting.”

Continuous development

We are proud of our collaboration with PinkRoccade and our shared success in energising the digitisation of municipal services in the Netherlands. Together, we strive to set the bar higher every day. Underpinning those efforts is a strategy based on good governance, short communication lines and knowledge-sharing. A strategy that enables us to complement each other’s strengths, engage in dialogue and continually strive for improvement.

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