The power of the collectivity.

Highlights of the cooperation:

  • Short communication lines at all levels
  • Continuous process of optimization
  • Extension of the cooperation
  • Clear and elaborate governance
  • From SAP ECC to SAP S/4 HANA

Agrifirm is a cooperation with more than 10,000 Dutch farmers and growers, 120 years of history, 3000 motivated employees and subsidiaries in the Netherlands and abroad. These are impressive numbers, which originate from the strength of the collective. Agrifirm is, after all, by farmers and for farmers. All knowledge, quality and innovation that is built up is shared with members and returns to the Dutch farmer. In this way, Agrifirm delivers sustainable, measurable and relevant value for the farm, the field and the industry.

Agrifirm Headquarters

Customer perspective Edwin Tragter – Group IT Director

Shared cultural values

“It is important for Agrifirm to continuously make progress. This is not only a matter of having the right systems, resources and expertise, but also of having a culture in which we take responsibility, express ambitions and have short lines of communication with each other. This is an important shared culture value with Databalance. They also work proactively, take responsibility and have short lines of communication at all levels.”

IT as a driver of progress

“To be able to respond to new opportunities and innovate, it is important not to renew everything at one time and then stand still until everything is written off. It is an ongoing process of optimization, where you constantly look at where you can improve and make progress based on new proven technology.”

Partnership extended by 5 years

“Databalance thinks along with us and comes up with new things. On a strategical, tactical and operational level. That is very valuable, and we also see that the appreciation for IT has increased enormously from both our organizations. We recently extended our partnership for another five years, which is a confirmation of the excellent partnership.”

Clear governance is crucial.

In order to achieve progress together, clear and well-thought-out governance is essential and one of the most important conditions for being and remaining successful together. With Agrifirm, in addition to the operational meetings, there are also regular strategic and tactical meetings, so that we know what is going on at all levels of the organization.

The governance ensures maximum context, which enables us to proactively offer opportunities and possibilities and raise the bar. For ourselves and for each other. IT is only a means and not an end in itself. Only when you know what the organization stands for, what the dot is on the horizon, what the challenges are and what the ambitions are, only then can you start thinking about the right IT solutions and building blocks to realize the processes and ambitions.

The switch to SAP S/4 HANA.

As one of the first organizations in the Netherlands, Agrifirm switched from SAP ECC to SAP S/4 HANA. An important step to ensure the continuity of their ERP environment – both at home and abroad. The question is not whether to switch to SAP S/4 HANA but when.

It is not said that the latest technology is the best solution. Looking ahead and making progress is not the same as using the latest technology. That is why we work exclusively with proven technology and best practices. In order to make progress, it is important to work with standard building blocks, based on proven technology and best practices. Whereby security, privacy and compliance are continuously considered at every step.

“Databalance is constantly improving the quality of its services. This makes them reliable and a nice party to work with.” – Edwin Tragter

Working together on the future.

The Netherlands is the world’s second largest agricultural exporter. That is a unique position and says something about thinking in terms of progress and possibilities. Innovation plays an important role in this. Both in the creation of the unique position of second exporter worldwide, and in a sustainable future for the sector. It is a privilege to work for Agrifirm – in which all Dutch farmers and growers are united – and to be able to indirectly contribute to this future with a customized IT solution.