Virtual Officers

In most cases, IT is used to support the business and optimize existing processes. Often using a multitude of applications with mutual dependencies and external integrations and links. With the digital transformation, not only the IT environment is changing, but organizations are changing too. The complexity of the entire ecosystem is increasing. The increasing complexity also makes it more and more challenging to oversee the entire chain of technology, partners, processes and collaborations. On top of that, there is the increasing external threat, such as ransomware and its possible impact on critical business processes.

To keep an overview in this changing and increasingly complex world, we offer virtual officers. These virtual officers help you to establish a mature IT organization, based on strong and clear governance, standard processes (ITIL-based) and best practices.

Virtual Information Officer

Over the past 25 years, we have had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of various companies. With the knowledge, experience and best practices that we have built up, we can not only help companies with their IT environment, but also with the establishment of a mature IT organization. The Virtual Information Officer of Databalance will help you to set up service and change management to align all partners. Based on a clear method and phasing with predefined deliverables such as:

  • Analysis and assessment of the current IT environment from a technical and organizational perspective
  • The design, implementation and management of IT service management
  • Setting up multi-level IT governance
  • Establishing and executing IT project management

We believe in true partnership with all parties that can contribute to your success. Based on the idea that no one knows it all. By working together, transparently and openly, we achieve more together.

Virtual Security Officer

The digital transition offers many opportunities but also creates new risks. The potential impact of a misconfiguration, software vulnerability, data breach or ransomware attack is huge. The continuity and safety of business-critical systems is important for all companies that use IT for their business processes as otherwise the business could come to a halt. Regardless of the size of the company.

The Virtual Security Officer of Databalance helps you to draw up a mature security, privacy and compliance policy, in which risks and threats are mapped out and mitigated. We, for example, look at (but not limited to):

  • Security, privacy and compliance assessment
  • Risk analysis and advice on improvements
  • Risk mitigation plan and strategy
  • Risk management governance