Enhancements & developments: Power9 and firewalls in use

Enhancements & developments: Power9 and firewalls in use

In order to continuously improve and optimize our platforms and services, we have upgraded our Power platform to Power9 in June. The new architecture of Power9 provides significantly better performance. In addition, with Power9, new hardware security functionalities have become available and the (energy) efficiency has increased. This assures that our customers make use of the latest proven technology and the highest reliability of our Power platform.

In June the new Fortinet firewalls have also been taken into use with the conversion of the VPN connections. These nextgen firewalls allow us to add intrusion prevention and detection functionality to our entire network, allowing us to better detect and mitigate complex and advanced attack attempts.

With the new firewalls and Power9 upgrade our environment – and, of course, yours – is in line with the latest standards and provides ongoing assurance of the stability, flexibility and continuity you expect from us.


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