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Working together on an optimal IT environment

Highlights of the collaboration:

JC-Electronics is a leading industrial electronics company known worldwide for its expertise in repair and overhaul of electronic components. What started in an attic in 2006, is nowadays a thriving international company with 285 employees and more than 300,000 products in stock. By stocking the right products, delivering quality, thinking along with others and going the extra mile, JC-Electronics not only makes an important contribution to a regular customer base but also contributes to the circular economy by giving products a second life.

Jakob Hilbolling, Manager IT JC-Electronics

High-quality partners

“We work together with several parties to serve our customers optimally. Since we want to deliver the highest quality ourselves, we expect the same from our partners. Databalance is a naturally collaborative party and was suggested by our Exact specialist AB. Together, they ensure that our IT has an accelerating effect on our business and processes.”

Continuous development

“To keep making progress, we constantly discuss points that can still be improved in terms of IT. Both within our organisation and towards our customers. We are all technology-driven, so besides being useful, it is also fun to spar and continuously see where we can still improve and accelerate.”

Joint management

“Every partner contributes and together we take the reins. In a modern IT environment, there is no one party that can deliver everything. There are more and more specialisations and our Exact processes are very different from the underlying IT-infrastructure. By working together well, we can coordinate everything and look for optimisations together.”

Actively thinking along

An important shared core value of JC-Electronics and Databalance is thinking along. Going the extra mile. On content and without selfishness. In this way, IT also works in JC-Electronics’ favour. At the end of the day, all cooperating partners have an interest in making JC-Electronics successful. So by actively thinking along and sparring, we can be successful together, with everyone providing their own expertise.

“JC-Electronics delivers worldwide, including via a webshop, so all systems must be available 24/7 to serve all regions and process orders quickly and properly.” – Jakob Hilbolling, Manager IT JC-Electronics

Accelerating the business

IT is not an end or success in itself. Everything hinges on the right application, but also on culture and cooperation. Only then can companies accelerate their business. This goes beyond a scalable IT environment and is therefore also about cooperation and direction with all collaborating partners who contribute to our customers’ success.

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